Events and Initiatives

GSU Recycling is constantly expanding and improving current recycling and waste minimization events and initiatives, so check this page regularly for updates. Please email with questions about how to get involved.


RecycleMania is a friendly competition and benchmarking tool for higher education institutions to promote waste awareness and recycling activities to their campus communities. Along with hundreds of other colleges and universities across the United States and Canada, Georgia State has participated in RecycleMania since 2015. Categories of competition include overall recycling rates, weight of recyclables per person, gross recycling tonnage, waste minimization and more.

The 2016 RecycleMania tournament spanned 10 weeks, from January 24-April 2. During this time, as well as year-round, every member of the Georgia State community is encouraged to reduce and reuse their total waste footprint whenever possible, and recycle any materials left over.

America Recycles Day:

America Recycles Day, which occurs on November 15 each year, is a nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling efforts in local communities. At Georgia State, ARD is commemorated through outreach activities to engage with the campus and increase recycling visibility and awareness. In 2013, the Sustainable Energy Tribe hosted an event for America Recycles Day that attracted over 300 participants. Attendees were encouraged to bring an item to recycle and were rewarded with free food and giveaways from local vendors. Activities included a variety of games, rock painting and decorating Georgia State recycling bins.

Earth Month Recycling Drives:

In celebration of Earth Day, Sustainability Initiatives hosts Special Materials Recycling Drives at each of the six Georgia State campuses. So far, over 480 pounds of recycling has been collected at the Decatur and Dunwoody campuses alone!