Become a Sustainability Initiatives Intern

Sustainability Initiatives is always looking for motivated students to assist various programming and operations. We are particularly interested in outgoing students who are passionate about sustainability and eager to spread the word to their peers!

Apply today for one of these positions! All applications must be submitted by 10/20/18 in order to be considered.

• Student Engagement and Campus Outreach Intern: intern will develop methods of engaging the GSU student body, communicate with student organizations on campus, coordinate sustainable student events, connect with various major departments, and assist in educational programs for students to garner appreciation for sustainability.

• Community Outreach Intern: intern will develop an internship/fellowship database for students pursuing the sustainability certificate offered to all majors through the Geoscience department.

• Food Waste and Recovery Intern: intern will assist with sustainable food programs that deal with food production, recovery, and waste. Interns will primarily assist in upkeep for urban gardens on campus, compost expansion, and food recovery from the dining halls.

• Sustainability Metrics Intern: intern will work with metrics for all waste diversion materials and programs and will aid in game day recycling and other recycling events.

• Geographic Information Systems Intern: intern will assist with creating plans for sustainable and cost-efficient transportation and co-locating waste and recycling bins.

Skills required for all positions: ability to multi-task, networking skills, outgoing personality, must be able to communicate efficiently, ability to work in a group, organized in keeping schedules and deadlines, punctual, and most of all, passionate for sustainability.

Salary: All interns will be compensated at $9/hr. and will be expected to work between 10 to 20 hrs. /week.
Requirements: every student intern should spend at least 5 hrs. assisting and managing campus recycling center operations.

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