Green Office Certification

The new green office certification program offers university departments and offices the opportunity to gain recognition for sustainable practices already in place and learn how to become even more sustainable. The program is entirely voluntary but requires buy-in from the majority staff and faculty in each unit applying. Like many certification programs, the scoring is tiered and based on level of difficulty to achieve certain tasks in categories including energy conservation, waste reduction, recycling, communications and occupant health and comfort. Each applicant has the ability to communicate with the Sustainability Initiatives Office staff throughout their application and certification process and once certified, will receive a certificate to be displayed in their space and will be featured on the sustainability website and Green Scene. Applicants will also have access to a handy Companion Guide that covers every single credit possible in the program so they can learn about the benefits, costs and feasibility of each credit.


Click to download our Green Office Certification scorecard. Simply input your information and use the dropdown selections to score your green highlights! Once completed, please send your finished worksheet to