Past Projects

Fiscal Year 2018

Georgia State Stadium BigBelly/SmartBelly Solar Compacting Trash and Recycling Bins

Building Services was awarded $31,950 for five BigBelly/SmartBelly solar compacting trash and recycling bins for the plaza and tailgating areas at the Georgia State Stadium.

Panther Bikes

Panther Bikes was given $6,455 to host the annual Georgia State University Bicycle Summit.

Freight Farms Leafy Green Machine

PantherDining was awarded $15,840 for farm supplies and student internships.

Panther’s Pantry Supplies

Panther’s Pantry was awarded $1,500 for a refrigerator and other supplies that will help kick off their fresh food campaign, allowing students in need to have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

From Fry to Fuel

Parking and Transportation was awarded $96,000 to install a 12,000 gallon fuel tank which will power all campus shuttles and diesel fleet vehicles using biodiesel, a clean alternative to diesel, created using waste cooking oil from our dining halls and retail areas.

Student Environmental Team

The Student Environmental Team was awarded funding to support outdoor camping trips and educational sustainability-related speakers and events.

Earth Week 2018

Sustainability Initiatives was awarded $15,000 to host its annual Earth Week festival complete with speakers, campus clean ups and other environmental education events in April 2018.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

Sustainability Initiatives was provided funding to support five student internship positions dedicated to expanding waste reduction and recycling efforts on campus.

Styrofoam/EPS Densifier

Sustainability Initiatives was awarded $23,000 to purchase an EPS densifier which will allow styrofoam recycling on campus, open up a new revenue stream and decrease waste hauling costs.

University Bike Share

The Student Recreation Center was given funding to professionally maintain the university bike share bikes.

Student Center LED Lighting Upgrade

The Student Center was awarded $18,864 to upgrade the remaining lighting in upstairs event rooms to energy efficient LEDs.

Jeffrey G. Miller National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition

The Environmental Law Society was awarded funding to help support a team of three law students and a coach to participate in the 2018 annual Jeffrey G. Miller National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition sponsored by Pace University School of Law.

Fiscal Year 2017

Solar Table in Urban Life Plaza

The Student Center was awarded $22,990 for two solar charging tables to be installed in Urban Life Plaza.

Panther’s Pantry Expansion

Panther’s Pantry was awarded $3,000 to purchase more collection supplies and expand their program to offer donated clothing to students in need.

GSURC Sustainability Awards

Sustainability Initiatives was awarded $1,400 to provide monetary awards to seven students who win in each category of the Georgia State Undergraduate Research Conference for their sustainability research.

Green Cleaning Systems

Building Services was awarded $18,541 to purchase two new Orbio Os3 systems and expand their green cleaning to Natural Science Center and Petite Science Center.

Campus Earth Week

Sustainability Initiatives was awarded $10,000 to support programming during GSU Earth Week which includes multiple speakers, a campus cleanup and street festival.

Campus Bike Share Expansion

Recreation Services was awarded $9,500 to purchase additional bikes for the campus bike share program and partner with local bike shop, Intown Bikes, to have them professionally maintained on a regular basis.

Green Roof Research

Geosciences was awarded $9,482 for supplies for a research project on green roofs and their impact on stormwater runoff and the urban heat island effect.

Walk-In Freezer for PFRN

The Panther Food Recovery Network was awarded $6,594 to purchase and install a walk in freezer and speed racks to store their food donations.

Recycling and Composting in Athletics

Athletics was awarded $11,250 to implement recycling and composting in the Sport’s Arena and Football Stadium.

Freight Farms Leafy Green Machine

PantherDining was awarded $10,877 to hire two student interns to oversee the hydroponic system and to purchase additional materials to expand operations.

LED Lights and Switches in Student Center

The Student Center was awarded $1,120 to upgrade to LED lighting in all meeting/event rooms.

Battery Recycling Program

Sustainability Initiatives was awarded $1,883 to purchase battery recycling bins and educational signage to be placed throughout the downtown campus.

Panther Bikes Budget

Panther Bikes was awarded $8,442 to host the annual campus bike summit and to support travel to professional conferences for their members.

Nutrition Student Network Earth Week Supplies

The Nutrition Student Network was awarded $1,073 for supplies for an educational booth they will host during Earth Week about healthy eating.

Water Bottle Refill Stations

The Chemistry Graduate Student Association was awarded $7,326 for the purchase and installation of multiple Elkay EZH2O water bottle refill stations in the Natural Science Center which will provide cleaner, safer drinking water for campus members while also helping decrease the amount of disposable plastic bottles used by students, staff and faculty.

Tree Campus USA Panel

Tree Campus USA was awarded $1,600 to host and organize a panel on trees that will include experts in the field. Money will also be used for gloves, water bottles and other equipment to accommodate the volunteers and members who attend the planned tree plantings.

ConnecTable Café Solar Charging Stations

Study Abroad Programs was awarded $20,033.26 for a solar umbrella/picnic table for the courtyard outside Dahlberg Hall, at the William M. Stuttles terrace, allowing more outdoor space for student advising and events. The tables will also serve the dual purpose of helping reduce Georgia State’s environmental impact by providing a sustainable alternative to students for charging electronics.

Food Recovery Food Storage

The Panther Food Recovery Network was awarded $17,000 to support their program budget and purchase two large lockable refrigerators to store food from dining halls prior to transporting to community groups. As a food recovery network, the team of volunteer student leaders plan recoveries, fundraisers and educational events to inform the public about the vast amount of food waste within our country. Volunteers are led through a recovery in which food safety tactics will be used to reclaim food from the dining hall. The volunteers check the temperatures and weight of each dish of food recovered upon transporting it to Open Door Community, a soup kitchen and home for the homeless.

Student-Led Outreach Programs

The Chemistry Department was awarded $3,900 for a project “linking sustainability education components.” The department will build a team of faculty that can support and advise students to reach out to younger students in the Georgia State University campus and neighboring communities. The project has three components: (1) Environmental Education in the curriculum and outreach, (2) Green Chemistry Experimental design and (3) Sustainable Campus Life.

Sustainability Education and Opportunities

The Sustainable Energy Tribe Student Group was awarded $6,900 to execute events, programs and projects that support sustainable lifestyles.

Georgia State Sustainability Student Program

The Office of Sustainability was awarded $6,865.62 for a sustainability student program. Four student assistants will support launching and expanding four vital sustainability initiatives at Georgia State. These undergraduate students will work directly with the Office of Sustainability staff and community while gaining valuable skills related to a future career in the environmental profession.

Fiscal Year 2016

Tree Campus USA Marketing

Tree Campus USA was awarded $1.037.40 to support on-campus environmental volunteering. The funds were used for promotional items to help increase Tree Campus USA brand visibility and to increase the number of volunteer which will include t-shirts, bottles and totes.

Legal and Environmental Consequences of Fracking Panel

The Geosciences Department and Geosciences Club was awarded $5,000 for a panel discussion on supplies, extraction and consumption of fossil fuels and their environmental impacts. The two groups will convene a panel of experts to address the pros and cons of fracking.

Powersol Patio Umbrellas

The University Housing Green Team was awarded $9,900 to purchase and install Powersol solar powered patio umbrellas. The umbrellas can charge three USB mobile devices through solar power that feeds into a battery hub on the table.

Sustainability Undergraduate Research Awards

The Office of Sustainability was awarded $924 to encourage and reward student scholarship and research on sustainability topics. The Office of Sustainability partnered with the GA State University Undergraduate Research Conference to add a sustainability award category to the existing conference.

EV Charging Stations

The University Housing Green Team was awarded $23,127 for installment of 2 dual level 2 (240V) EV charging stations installed in the University Commons parking garage. The installment of two charging stations will provide students with a fast, inexpensive alternative to traveling to stations that are farther away.

Freight Farms Leafy Green Machine

PantherDining was awarded $96,239 to purchase a Leafy Green Machine from Freight Farms for hydroponic gardening. Located behind Piedmont North, the hydroponic system will allow food to be grown in a shipping container containing vertical hydroponics, growing equipment, LED lighting and innovative climate controls.

Farmers Market/Community Supported Agriculture

The Office of Sustainability was awarded $4,111 for an on-campus farmers market that featured vendors supplying fresh, local produce, organic and sustainably-produced coffee, healthy juices and smoothies, vegan sweet treats, organic almond butter and other products.

Big Belly/Smart Belly Stations

The Office of Sustainability/Building Services (Recycling) was awarded $45,440 to purchase and install seven big belly/smart belly stations across campus. These stations send frequent wireless signals to a website, where maintenance staff can monitor the fullness of all solar compactors in their system and reduce the number of collections by 80% without affecting the level of service.

Energy Efficient Lighting/Exit Signs

The Student Center was awarded $17,897 for installation of energy efficient lighting and exit signs throughout student center and unity plaza as well as the installation of a water bottle refill station.

Sustainability Events and Marketing

The Sustainable Energy Tribe was awarded $7,460 to support sustainability educational events and related marketing materials. Events are designed to engage the student body of Georgia State and educate on environmental issues.

Share Bike Program

Panther Bikes in collaboration with Touch the Earth was awarded $32,700 to expand Georgia State’s student Share Bike program. The funds will be used to increase the number of bike racks and repair stations across campus.