Sustainability Law Courses

Law Sustainability Certificates and Programs:


LAW 7200 Environmental Law (3)
Environmental Law.
A survey of legal principles and policies relating to the development, protection, and enhancement of the physical environment. Attention will be given to the judicial review of agency decision making, pollution control, hazardous waste and resource management, energy development and allocation, and conservation.
2.000 to 3.000 Credit hours

LAW 7203 Natural Resource and Water Law (3)
Natural Resources and Water Law.
This course will provide an overview of present and future law and policy issues relating to the utilization of natural resources, particularly the water resource. Both federal and state materials will be utilized. We will focus our attention on law and policy issues relating to (1) mineral resources, (2) timber resources, (3) public lands (4) coastal zone management, (5) public outdoor recreation, (6) endangered species, and (7) water resources.
2.000 to 3.000 Credit hours

LAW 7204 Urban Issues in Environmental Law Seminar (3)
Urban Environmental Law Seminar.
LAW 5050, LAW 7200 or LAW 7203.
This seminar will examine the range of environmental issues facing urban areas, exploring the extent to which it is appropriate to legislate and regulate solutions for urban environmental problems differently than for non-urban (rural, agricultural. e.g.) areas. To this end, the seminar not only will study topics like improving air quality and providing clean water in urban areas, but also the inter- relation of such goals with transportation and growth management, and urban and public health planning. Additional topics will include lead poisoning, indoor air pollution, brownfield reclamation, environmental justice and emergency preparedness for environmental contamination. Federal and state statutes and regulations will be evaluated throughout the seminar, as will local ordinances. To the greatest extent possible, the seminar will evaluate the Atlanta metropolitan area as a case study for the topics covered.
2.000 to 3.000 Credit hours

LAW 7320 Land Use Law (3)
Land Use Law.
LAW 5050.
The principal methods of public control of land use, including judicial control through doctrines such as nuisance, and legislative control through the power of eminent domain, taxation and the police powers. Special emphasis is given to the theory and practice of zoning.
2.000 to 3.000 Credit hours

LAW 7494 Urban Fellows Program (2)
Urban Fellows Program.
For upper-level students who are selected to serve as Urban Fellows of the Center for the Comparative Study of Metropolitan Growth.
1.000 to 3.000 Credit hours

LAW 7397 International Perspectives on Urban Law and Policy (2-3)
International Perspectives on Urban Law and Policy is a course taught by visiting foreign or international law professors specializing in land use, planning, and environmental law, on the comparative legal aspects of metropolitan growth management and control as it affects the human, built and physical environments. This course is 2 credit hours with the option of an additional credit hour for writing a paper. The paper may be either independent research on a topic of your choice, or a paper written in conjunction with participation in a week-long Study Abroad offering (over Spring Break) focused on urban law and policy issues.
2.000 to 3.000 Credit hours