GSURC Sustainability Awards

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s GSURC Sustainability Awards!

The sustainability awards were initiated 3 years ago at GSURC by interested faculty and GSU’s Office of Sustainability Initiatives to help promote and reward students across all majors for making environmental problem-solving a priority in their scholarship and class projects. Environmental protection and sustainability is something we all need to be prioritizing to help resolve and heal the environmental crisis that humans have caused because all living beings on our planet need healthy ecosystems to survive and thrive. And all these student sustainability projects at GSURC are helping make that happen.

Take a look at the 2018 Sustainability Award winners:

Student(s) Project Description
Alan Reid Schulz  (Graphic Design) – Dynamic Estuary Biology and ecology teaching activities for 4th graders to learn about estuary ecosystems
Eun Kyoung Yang  (Graphic Design)  – Aquabox Curriculum Kit A collection of games that teach 4th graders about marine animals – crabs, penguins, and turtles –  and their environments
 Matthew Flanders & Sunni Patton (Biology) – Acropora palmata: The State of Elkhorn Coral After Hurricane Irma in the Eastern Salt Pond Bay  Coral reef health
Jennifer Bash (Geology)  –  Surface Soil Metal and Metalloid Contamination Within the Urban Environment of Atlanta Pollution issues in Atlanta
Caroline Johnson (Computer Science) – Protecting the Trees: Learning Ideal Patterns in Cellular Structures of Wood for Image Classification She and her professor are developing a tool to detect which imported lumber might be illegally logged from endangered species of trees
Ashley Harkins (Interior Design) –  To be rooted: How the residential environment affects human health As a senior thesis, she designed a whole eco-friendly apartment complex, residential and commercial, in an actual Atlanta west end neighborhood on a brownfield site that needs refurbishment – very holistic design incorporating eco-friendly building materials, greenhouses and nutritious foods, social spaces, and greenspaces
Miai-Hana Reed & Colin Windmill   (Geosciences)  – Sustainability Evaluation of Shallow Groundwater for Non-Potable Use, GSU Downtown Campus, Atlanta, GA Ongoing applied project on campus to promote water conservation