Accepted Items

Help us keep the recycling stream clean! Do not recycle glass, #6 and #7 plastics, Styrofoam, plastic bags and film, cartons, packets and wrappers, food and liquid or food-soiled materials in any single stream recycling bin on campus. These items are considered to be contaminants that degrade the value of the recyclables that have been sorted into the bins correctly.

Please email with questions about specific items not listed.


Accepted Not Accepted
Newspaper Food-soiled paper
Magazines and catalogs · Napkins and paper towels
Printer and copy paper · Paper plates and cups
Notebook paper · Tissues
Envelopes and folders · Chinese take out containers        .
Paper bags Cartons
Paperback books · Juice cartons
Post-It notes · Milk cartons
Shredded paper (bagged and tied off) · Ice cream cartons
Staples and paperclips Plastic bindings and clips


Accepted Not Accepted
Cardboard boxes (broken down) Food-soiled cardboard
Boxboard and paperboard · Pizza boxes
· Cereal boxes · Take out containers              .
· Pasta boxes
· Shoe boxes
· Tissue boxes
Paper towel and toilet paper rolls


Accepted Not Accepted
Aluminum cans Aerosol cans
· Soda cans · Hair spray cans
· Energy drink cans · Whipped cream cans
· Beer cans · Air freshener cans
Aluminum foil and bakeware             . Pots, pans and utensils
Steel cans
· Soup cans
· Tuna cans
· Canned vegetables


Accepted Not Accepted
#1-5 Plastic bottles, cups and containers     . #6 Styrofoam products
· Shampoo bottles #6 “Clamshell” and brittle plastic packaging
· Milk jugs · Salad bar containers
· Soft drink bottles · Light bulb and electronics packaging
· Yogurt cups · Produce containers
Bottle caps (twisted onto bottle) #7 “Miscellaneous” and rigid plastics
· CD and DVD cases
· Buckets
· Laundry baskets
#2/#4 Plastic bags and film
· Grocery bags
· Bread bags
· Stretch wrap
· Sandwich bags
Biodegradable plastics

Questions? Email